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It has been great to be able to get out amongst our communities under Level 1 and to see things operating normally again. Well, as in the ‘new normal’ at least.
Some of the businesses across the electorate are doing well. Having much of the public service still working from home, along with a number from the private sector, stimulates activity and some good spending locally.

Not all are faring so well, as the failure of Michael Hill Jeweller in Johnsonville Mall to reopen post-lockdown and the news of the closure of The Warehouse on Johnsonville Road show us.
We are not isolated from the looming economic crisis. Many of us, or our friends and neighbours, work in the Wellington CBD where things are not going so well, driven, at least in part, by those public servants and other workers not working, and spending, in the CBD.

As our own local economy shows, redistribution might offer a temporary salve, but its effect is illusory if it merely creates an equal problem elsewhere.
That is why our focus has to be on economic recovery, particularly the creation of tens of thousands of meaningful and sustainable jobs.

The wage subsidy offers temporary relief. We need to have our businesses move from surviving to thriving as soon as possible.
We have announced policies for getting cash flow into businesses through refunding their GST payments and to help stimulate new growth through full expensing of new assets and supporting the hiring of new employees through JobStart. More is yet to come.

National understands what it takes to lift New Zealand from an economic crisis sooner and stronger. We have the team, the credentials and the plan to deliver.

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