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Despite claiming to prioritise wellbeing, the Budget has offered nothing but more taxes for hardworking Kiwis struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The first piece of legislation passed after the Budget was delivered was to legislate higher fuel taxes, placing unnecessary additional burden on Kiwi families when prices at the pump are already some of the highest we’ve seen in years. What’s more galling is the fact the Botched Budget has motorists getting less for all the taxes they are paying. The Labour, Greens, NZ First Government has cancelled, delayed or gutted more than a dozen major transport projects.

Kiwis may be able to swallow the bitter pill that increasing fuel taxes is, if those taxes were going towards something that would make a difference in their lives. Instead the Government has put on ice the Petone to Grenada Link Road, which would have significantly eased congestion along the Wellington Motorway. Meanwhile the Let’s Get Wellington Moving announcement burdens Wellingtonians with a further $2.6 billion regional transport tax, while delivering nothing for the motorists who are paying the greatest share of it.

The extra fuel taxes swamp any benefit to be gained from potential handouts of the budget. In typical form of this Government, it gives with one hand and takes twice as much with the other. It’s easy to forget that increases in fuel prices flow through every part of the economy. Anything that is transported will cost more. Your bread, milk, eggs, all those every day necessities will go up in price too.

The Government is hurting Kiwis’ wallets once again. Where is the wellbeing in that?

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