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Having responded to the health crisis brought about by COVID-19 New Zealand is now facing an economic crisis not seen in this country for generations.
Government has a role to play in our economic recovery. The greatest thing it could do is to provide simple rules and conditions for people to have confidence to invest again in businesses, to create jobs and opportunities. The strongest and quickest route to recovery is through unleashing private sector investment.

The wage subsidy was a welcome aid to help save jobs. That will come crashing down if the businesses are forced to close before the subsidy ends.
Businesses need cash flow now to keep them afloat and incentives to invest more capital into future opportunity.

That is where National’s proposals for a GST cash-back and immediate expensing of capital investment would make a real difference.
Government spending should be focused on creating long-term, sustainable jobs. Infrastructure projects which add capability and meet robust cost-benefit tests are worthy areas for spending and will help to provide economic stimulus.

They’re part of National’s plan to help New Zealand recover sooner and stronger. Just as we did under a National-led Government after the last financial crisis.
It’s where the Government’s Budget falls down.

Borrowing an additional $140 billion without a plan will not recover the economy. It will simply indebt the country for decades to come.
We need better than that.

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