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This Government has overseen a rapid increase in the number of people joining gangs, but it’s no closer to achieving its promise of 1800 extra police on the beat.

In fact, it’s given up entirely.

The Prime Minister promised her Government would deliver 1800 additional police officers to the force. That is additional recruitment, accounting for police officers who leave each year.
That promise has been repeated numerous times by Police Minister Stuart Nash. With gang membership on the rise and serious crime increasing, having these extra cops in our community is incredibly important.

Now more than ever it should be focused on ensuring there are enough police officers to stop criminals offending. But after two years, the Government has only managed to add 832. There’s no way it can add a further 1000 cops in less than a year.

Stuart Nash is failing the New Zealanders who want safer communities, but also the Police who have been planning for these additional resources.
So this week, the Government shifted the goal posts.

Now Stuart Nash is simply counting every person who has been through the Police College and ignoring the many hundreds of experienced police officers who have resigned over the past two years.

This is a broken promise to New Zealanders.

It doesn’t matter what the Government says, what new excuse it comes up with, what was said to Winston Peters behind closed doors.

The Prime Minister promised the New Zealand public 1800 additional police officers and she will fail to deliver on that promise.

This is more than just another humiliating defeat for the Government. This is a broken promise to keep New Zealanders safe.

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