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Kiwis are going backwards under this Government. Under National the economy was growing at nearly 4 per cent, now it’s fallen to just over 2 per cent growth. Job creation has tumbled and with it opportunities for people to gain new employment and skills. This is all happening at a time when the world wants to buy from us. Our export prices are at record highs. We should be doing better.

Instead, the Government has squandered the economy and surpluses they inherited from National. With economic decline comes a higher cost of living. Rents have risen sixty dollars per week on average and people’s fuel costs are up significantly as the Government piles on more and more tax. This leaves less in people’s pockets to meet their needs. The Government has no plan and can’t even deliver on that.

National has a plan to create opportunities for New Zealanders, to keep costs down and to ensure people have more money in their back pockets. We have announced policies to index tax brackets to the cost of living, to repeal the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, and to introduce no new taxes. We’ll cut red tape and regulation, and we’ll build the transport and social infrastructure New Zealanders need.

We’ll support small business with sound employment rules to encourage investment and job and wage growth. We will put more money in your back pocket, provide more opportunities for you and attack the cost of living. We have the plan, competency and a track record of delivery.

New Zealanders deserve better. National will deliver for them.

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