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This week National launched our Economic Discussion Document. A strong economy matters and New Zealand should be booming, yet 63 per cent of business leaders think the Government is managing the economy poorly.
The document sets out proposals to boost the economy and more than thirty questions we want your feedback on to get New Zealand back on track. We recognise that the economy is driven by all the people who work hard and invest their time and money to build opportunities for themselves and others.

This Government is relentless in dipping into your back pocket when it wants more cash. We don’t think that’s right and we’ve committed to indexing tax thresholds to the cost of living, so Kiwis aren’t taxed more by stealth every year, and we’ll repeal the Regional Fuel Tax, not increase petrol excise tax, nor introduce any new taxes in our first term.
We must tackle wasteful spending. We’ll ensure Treasury has a greater focus on advising on the effectiveness of Government spending.

We’ll continue the Social Investment approach and reintroduce public service targets that are focused on outcomes. Hardworking, innovative New Zealanders are held back by red tape. We’ll repeal 100 regulations in our first six months in Government and we’ll eliminate two old regulations for every new one we introduce, so that you can get on with the job.

These are just some of the many areas covered in the Economic Discussion Document. We want to hear your thoughts on how we can develop a thriving economy that delivers for you. Have your say by going to

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