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Recent events have further highlighted the value the Petone to Grenada Link Road could bring to the resilience of our transport network. Another slip on State Highway 2 on 23 July caused major congestion out of Wellington.

Had that occurred during morning rush hour it would likely have caused massive delays on the motorway through Johnsonville, up to Tawa and possibly beyond, as we have experienced on more than one occasion over the past year or so.

An accident on the Ngauranga Gorge during peak hours on 13 July also caused congestion for South-bound traffic, despite the incident occurring on the North-bound side. An alternative route would have alleviated traffic issues from all of these events.

The Petone to Grenada LinkRoad has long been proposed to improve Wellington’s transport network resilience. Taking 25,000 or more vehicle movements per day off the Wellington Motorway, and cutting ten minutes from a journey each way, the link road would help to improve productivity as well as reducing congestion on the motorway from Tawa through to Ngauranga. That would help the majority of residents in all suburbs from Tawa through to, and around Johnsonville.

It would also unlock housing development in the Lincolnshire Farm area which has previously been reported as having the potential to accommodate 10,000 homes, providing much needed capacity for a growing city.

An opportunity arose in Parliament early in July to fast-track consenting for the Petone to Grenada Link Road. All members of the governing parties voted against it.

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