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You can’t trust Labour on tax. When you add up all of the new taxes, and factor in the cancelled tax relief, Kiwi families are going to be worse off by $7000 over four years. That’s $1750 a year worse off on average. The taxation by stealth and clever tricks just keeps adding up.
Three increases to fuel tax, plus a regional fuel tax for Auckland (and now a $2.6 billion regional transport tax for Wellington for Let’s Get Wellington Moving), plus introduced ring-fencing of losses on rental properties, the Amazon Tax, GST on overseas roaming, extending the bright-line test and increased Worksafe levies.
Oh, and also a tax on visitors to New Zealand that is expected to cost tourism businesses more in lost trade than they’ll receive in tourism infrastructure funding. Along the way they cut the tax relief which would have eased some of the burden Kiwis are now facing with rising cost of living.

The Government is taking more, but isn’t spending it wisely. More than $2 billion for fees-free, for fewer students, $3 billion for Shane Jones’ slush fund, and $2 billion on Kiwibuild. The economy is continuing to weaken because of their poor policy. That means less for health, education and infrastructure.
It’s clear that New Zealanders simply can’t afford this Government. National has announced that we will index tax thresholds to inflation. This means income taxes would be adjusted every three years in line with the cost of living.
The tax pile-on shows the Government clearly doesn’t have New Zealanders’ wellbeing at heart. New Zealanders work hard to get ahead. You deserve to keep more of what you earn. We will see that you do.

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