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Gangs are a growing problem and despite its rhetoric, the Government is doing little to address the problem.

Almost 1400 more people have joined gangs since this Government took office. There are now over 6700 patched and prospect gang members and numbers are growing in almost every region across the country.

Instead of looking to itself and its policies constraining job growth, increasing jobseekers numbers and its soft on crime approach, the Government is trying to blame the Aussies for sending convicted Kiwis home.

Unfortunately, the numbers just don’t back that up. Of the 1200 Kiwis who have been deported to New Zealand only 22 are gang members. Gang membership growth is a home grown problem.

Despite representing only about 0.1 percent of the population, gangs are responsible for close to 15 percent of crime. That is massively disproportionate.
Gangs offer nothing other than peddling misery and the creation of more victims.

Despite admitting that methamphetamine is an increasing problem because of gang involvement, the Government is doing little about it, with no increase in the number of gang members being prosecuted.

Meanwhile it turns a blind eye to the likes of gang patching ceremonies at major tourist attractions, such as Te Mata peak.

The Government wouldn’t even support our Firearms Prohibition Orders bill which would have given Police more power to keep guns out of the hands of gangs.
In this so-called year of delivery, the Government is delivering more gang members, but fewer prosecutions.

National will release a comprehensive Gang Plan next year to crack down hard on gangs and their illegal behaviour.

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