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Where’s the “well-being” in a Budget that imposes higher taxes and greater costs?

The Botched Budget has offered nothing but more taxes for hardworking Kiwis who are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The first three laws passed under Budget urgency increased the tax burden. First up was an 8 cents-alitre fuel tax increase. That won’t only hit people in their pockets at the pump, but on almost everything they purchase. How does that help people get ahead? The second imposed an additional $113 million cost on taxpayers by effectively removing the requirement for the father to be named for child-support payments. The Government knows that’ll mean the taxpayer picking up the tab for fewer dads paying their dues. The third imposed a tax on people visiting New Zealand, which is estimated to cost tourism businesses $70 million as a result of fewer tourists visiting, while bringing in only $40 million of funding for the infrastructure they need. Talk about killing the golden goose.

Tourists contribute huge amounts of tax to the country both through GST and also the jobs their spending helps to generate. As it is just about everywhere under this Government, it’s a question of spending wisely, not about taxing more. For National, a real wellbeing Budget would prioritise front-line services in Health, Education and Infrastructure, and take steps to help address the rising cost of living for Kiwis. More taxes on middle New Zealanders does not increase wellbeing, all it does is make it harder for families to get ahead.

The Government has promised up large and raised expectations. But all it’s done is leave Kiwis disappointed.

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