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National’s Ōhāriu-based List MP and candidate Brett Hudson is asking National Party supporters to make it 'two ticks for National' following Hon Peter Dunne’s withdrawal and retirement from politics.

“The people of Ōhāriu have shown through their party vote over the last three electionsthat they believe National has the right plan for New Zealand. I have been out working hard as a List MP and candidate to obtain that Party Vote once more in this year's election,” Mr Hudson says.

“Many people have told me that they have long wanted to vote for their National candidate as well. I am very proud to now be able to seek both their votes.

“I’d like to thank Peter Dunne for his years of service to Ōhāriu. He has been a strong advocate for our area, and a reliable supporter of the National-led Government. I’ve enjoyed working alongside him the past three years.

“Without doubt the most rewarding aspect of being an MP is helping local constituents. The positive impact that I have been able to make on the lives of individuals and families is the most fulfilling aspect of my first three years in Parliament. I would like to do more of that and take on the responsibility of serving the people of Ōhāriu as their local electorate MP.

My background is in Information Technology, with 20 years in the industry. Under the National-led Government this sector is growing rapidly along with many others. It is without doubt that New Zealand is heading in the right direction.

“We now have five weeks to earn the support of Ōhāriu voters for National for their party vote and to earn the trust of those same people for me as their local MP. I am going to be running hard.”

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