Police Wellington Maritime Unit

Friday, February 27, 2015

This morning I visited the Police Wellington Maritime Unit.

The team do an amazing job, not only with their own on-water duties such as Search & Rescue and compliance inspections, but also the work they do providing a support platform for Customs and Fisheries officers.

That joint work is a good example of collaboration amongst agencies supporting Better Public Services.

Sgt David Martin, along with the crew Paula and Stew demonstrated some of their on-water tasks – checking a recreational fisher’s compliance and launching their tender.

As the photos show, I was given the opportunity to steer the boat – under Stew’s guidance and watchful eye.

This team do a fantastic job and the launch is a great asset for both policing and other enforcement.

When they’re not on the water the team are available for general policing duties around the CBD.

We are lucky to have them and I am very grateful for the opportunity to join them for a couple of hours today.

I would also like to thank Snr Sgt. David Houston for the invitation – important office duties kept him from joining us on the water today.