34 Bills formerly part of the Statutes Amendment Bill (No 4) – Third reading – Part 6

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Some two weeks ago I spoke on the second reading of the Statues Amendment Bill (No 4). This afternoon the Bill successfully passed through its third reading and the amendments contained within it will be presented for Royal Assent.

While still debated as one, Bill was split into 34 separate Acts (each of the Acts that it amends) just prior to the third reading.

I noted at the time of the second reading that being able to talk for 10 minutes on a non-controversial, non-complex set of changes was a skill to be developed. I got a chance today to speak for a further 10 minutes on this Bill.

In the second reading I snuck in several Monty Python references, along with a cheeky example as to what current law around name changes would allow. In this third reading I added (without, I trust, detracting from the overall seriousness of the matter) a reference to an old TV show – On the Buses – along with the title of a 1966 pop song from The Monkees.

The changes enacted today are sound, pragmatic changes that will help to ensure that our laws are working effectively and as intended. It was a privilege to play a part in the passing of an omnibus Bill.