Release of ICT Sector Report

Friday, May 15, 2015

This afternoon I attended the release of the ICT Sector report under this government’s Business Growth Agenda programme.

The sector continues to show strong performance, particularly our ICT services and software exports, which consistently grow at double-digit levels year on year.

One area that reflects strength in an industry is financial market listings. The technology sector now comprises 10% of the value on NZX – up from 1% in 2011.

There is enormous opportunity within our industry and this Government is committed to continuing to support our ICT and hi-tech industries to be successful.

Through initiatives such as Callaghan Innovation, our ICT graduate study programmes, unlocking crowdsourcing potential and investing in core enabling infrastructure such as UFB, this Government is taking real action to support businesses to grow and employ more people, to lift incomes and to diversify our economy.