Local Government Commission rejects Wellington amalgamation

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

National MPs Paul Foster-Bell, Brett Hudson, and Chris Bishop say they are pleased the Local Government Commission has listened to the local people and decided not to go ahead with a single ‘super city’ council for Wellington and Wairarapa.

“Decisions about local government are up to communities. Feedback from communities across the region was clear and we welcome the commission’s decision,” the MPs said today.

“We are encouraged by the commission’s comments that it will take a more collaborative approach with communities to try to get consensus on change in local structures that actually works for people.

“We can always do things better.  Many submitters favoured more shared services or smaller scale mergers and that provides some context for future consultation.

“The commission says it will be talking to communities about this.  We strongly encourage people and councils to get involved in those discussions.”

Click here for a Q & A document about the Local Government Commission’s decision.