Visit to the New Zealand Defence Force – Part 2

Thursday, August 6, 2015

This morning I was part of an exercise simulating a low level drop of aid packages from a Hercules. Descending from 16,000 to 1,000 feet in around 3 minutes is quite an experience – but an important part of the simulation as it reduces the aircraft’s exposure to surface threats.

I tried to take a picture of what it is like to fly in a good sized aircraft at 1,000 or below. It doesn’t quite capture the feeling, nor the magnificent handling of an aircraft of that size.

I’ll post a video tomorrow of what the drop looked like.

After this exercise we were shown some of the key elements of the airbase, followed by a visit to the New Zealand Army and a simulation using some new technologies to help to prosecute forces in an urban environment.

Amazing capability in our forces and great to see some of the newer technologies being explored alongside the tried and tested.