Visit to the New Zealand Defence Force – Part 3

Friday, August 7, 2015

Yesterday I was on board a Hercules in a low drop exercise. The sharp end of the exercise began with a rapid descent of about 15,000 feet in 3 or so minutes. I was standing on the flight deck looking out the front window. It seemed an incredibly steep descent – a bit like a roller coaster.

As we approached the drop site the crew prepared to drop the packages. It started with the rear doors opening. Immediately before the drop zone, the aircraft is brought into a short, steep climb to ‘pop up’ before the target. And then the drop magic happens.

It was a fascinating exercise to watch. From the initial high power, steep climb out of the airbase, through the descent, skimming along at 1,000 ft or less and then the drop, it was an exercise in precise planning and execution. Mastery from the flight crew and the load masters.

You can watch the video on my facebook page here: Defence Force Part 3 Video