Trip to Ashburton

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Friday I joined Hon Jo Goodhew in Ashburton to meet with businesses and community groups.

Despite the negativity of the opposition, our regions are full of people and businesses working hard to be successful and making the most of every opportunity.

We met with Plains Irrigators to discuss how technology is evolving the irrigation business. Their systems have the ability to map individual small plots within paddocks and to apply differing amounts of water, pesticides and fertiliser to each based on both prevailing and forecast soil and climate conditions. 

Maximising productivity on the land while minimising environmental impacts – that is real innovation in action for the betterment of New Zealand and the lives of our people.

We also met with Think First; a programme to address bullying across the community. We spoke at some length on what they are doing to help to curb cyber bullying.

After speaking at a regular lunch group, we paid a visit to the Ashburton EA Networks Centre – a fantastic sports, swimming pool and gym facility for Ashburton.

There is no shortage of positive energy and ‘can do’ attitude in Rangitata.