Next Steps for Child, Youth and Family

Monday, September 28, 2015

Most Kiwi kids are raised in safe and happy homes. All children deserve at least that so they are able to go on to lead fulfilling and successful lives. Sadly, too many are being let down.

This Government's decision to modernise Child, Youth and Family (CYF) in the teeth of some shocking statistics is intended to give New Zealanders confidence that our most vulnerable children will be better protected.

Last week an interim report was released by an independent expert panel set up by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley. It delivered a strong, albeit initial, high-level business case for bringing CYF truly into the 21st century.

The model the panel is working to set up will fundamentally change how CYF operates so its focuses will be the children who needs its support and and creating an environment that delivers a more effective service for those children who find themselves in state care.

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