Supporting Regional Development in Wellington

Monday, October 5, 2015

National-list MP Brett Hudson joined other Wellington-based colleagues this month to meet Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) chair Peter Biggs and CEO Chris Whelan.

"We believe that, both as a city and as a region, Wellington has much to offer the world," Mr Hudson says. "If we want our people to prosper, we need to connect with the world to showcase our potential, to encourage investment, to offer our services, and to seize opportunities."

Wellington, he says, is renowned for its creative capability not only in movie and theatre, but also in emerging craft industries, such as chocolate making and craft-beer brewing. The city hosts science and innovation hubs such as Callaghan Innovation, as well as Victoria and Massey universities. It also has wineries, olive producers and other primary industries.

"And let's not forget the computer-gaming industry -- an industry that, in the US, is larger than Hollywood."

Mr Hudson says he's enormously optimistic about Wellington's potential. "We will to reach out to meet and greet the world to realise that. I know that WREDA shares the same ambition for the region and I look forward to working with them."