More Kiwis on UFB than ever before

Monday, November 30, 2015

Technology has become integral to many Kiwis' lives. Whether they use only a smartphone, Netflix and Facebook, or have a multitude of electronic systems that let them run their homes and their businesses more efficiently, most New Zealanders would not, today, be without the technology that makes this possible.

The Government is delighted, therefore, that progress on its Ultra-Fast Broadband programme (UFB) and Rural Broadband Initiative is gathering pace – and that more Kiwis than ever are getting connected.

The September 2015 quarterly report for the first phase of UFB shows more than 815,000 homes, schools, and workplaces can now connect. Connectivity in rural communities is increasing, too, with 271,000 rural addresses now able to join up to the network.

Faster, more reliable internet means better learning, better business, and better connectedness. High-speed broadband also supports our commitment to higher incomes and better jobs, contributing to a more competitive and productive economy.

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