Working Hard To Meet National Targets

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nearly four years ago, the National-led Government set 10 challenging targets for the public service as ministers wanted better results for taxpayers’ money. We refer to them as the Better Public Services (BPS) targets.

This National-led Government is the first administration to set targets to be measured against and progress is reported every six months. The latest information confirms that we're headed in the right direction.

One of those targets is to reduce the number of people receiving a main welfare benefit by 25 per cent by 2018 and thus cut the long-term cost of welfare by $13 billion. Part of this initiative focuses on supporting and encouraging those on welfare into jobs.

The latest figures suggest the policy is working. In the past 12 months, 7245 fewer people were on benefits. This was driven by a fall in the number receiving sole-parent support, which shows mums and dads want to work and are doing so.

This initiative has also led to a $2.4 billion drop in the long-term cost of welfare dependency.

Another focus of BPS targets has been children's health. Latest results show 94 per cent of eight-month-olds are now immunised -- up from 82 per cent four years ago.

Figures also show an appreciable fall in the number of people hospitalised with rheumatic fever for the first time: 98 in 2015 compared with 177 in 2012.

These examples underline how this National-led Government is keeping a tight rein on spending while also continuing to improve public services. We’re making real progress on challenging issues and will continue to deliver more effective and productive services.

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