Sub Urban Co-Working

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I met with founder of Sub Urban Co-working, Kathleen Wright, and visited their office space as they launched an exciting new feature that is designed to make better use of their space outside of office hours and to add some vibrancy to the Johnsonville Mall environment.

More than just desks and meeting rooms, Sub Urban Co-Working offers a collaborative community for anyone to belong to in their local suburb, whatever stage their business is at. Sub Urban offers flexible work space and the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded, motivated people.

Their mission is to vitalise the suburbs by bringing together the concepts of community and enterprise in an inclusive and innovative way. 

This concept is so much more than office facilities, or remote-working. I encourage people who might be looking for structured office surroundings in their local community and the opportunity to learn from like-minded people to take a look at Sub Urban Co-working at

On the evening I visited the office space the desks and chair were stored away. Sub Urban launched an art exhibition service to showcase local talent and to make it accessible to the public in their community. Photographer Renata Grangeiro launched an exhibition themed on the joy and positivity of children. A wonderful exhibition and added vibrancy to our mall.