Friday, May 19, 2017

As Crowded House wrote a wee while ago, "always take the weather with you". I'm not sure, however, who brought the two cyclones that battered this country last month.

In subsequent days, I joined Minister David Bennett on a visit to NZ MetService -- New Zealand's weather authority -- to get an update on the forecasting and communications around those events and to launch the agency's new app.

A fascinating aspect of our visit were the hand-drawn line drawings still used to depict weather forecasts every few hours. It was truly old-school technology in action; they remain pretty accurate forecasts.

We were also given an overview of some new services MetService intends to launch shortly. One, in particular, will allow "spot" forecasts of weather and conditions down to sections of just a few metres of road. The road-safety implications alone are exciting.

It is great to see MetService continuing to explore how it can extend its core responsibilities and abilities into new opportunities.

The new app has enhanced features and can be downloaded on both Apple and Google (Android) app stores.